Charisma: What is it? Do you have it?

Oct 28, 2019

What is charisma? In this interview international coach, speaker, and trainer, Misael Diaz answers that question. Misael really embodies what it means to be charismatic.

Drew: Misael you are the founder of Advanced Leadership Consulting, a company that focuses on helping individuals and businesses activate their potential. That's powerful. I like that you came up with that yourself.

Misael Diaz: Yeah, we came up with that.

Drew: I love it, that's great. Misael, you have charisma, you bring that to the table. And we know that if you want to increase your influence, one of the qualities of an influential person is charisma. So the question is, "What is charisma?"

Misael: Drew, first of all, let me thank you for giving me an opportunity to join you in your space. And I want to thank your readers for following through and learning from you. Let me tell you this: Every time I get an opportunity to speak on somebody's program, radio, TV channel, whatever it is, I thank that person because what you're doing right now is giving me a blank check. Basically, your most precious asset is your audience. And we did not rehearse this. It's not scripted. So you don't know what I'm about to say, right? You're trusting me. Basically, you gave me a blank check for your audience and I value that a lot. So thank you for that, and thank you to the readers.

So we talk about charisma a lot and yes, you definitely need to have charisma to be a highly influential individual, but charisma is a byproduct. Charisma is a byproduct because charisma is more external, right? And charisma can be temporary. What you really need to have is character because character is the foundation. In fact, when we talk about influence, you and I have a mutual mentor who defines leadership as influence, right? And that foundation of leadership is character. So we are inside a very large building right now. We could not build this exact building on the foundation of your house or my house. It cannot support it. So the size of leadership that you want to grow requires a similarly sized foundation. If you want to be a highly influential leader, you must have a very, very, very strong character. So you start internally with your character and that will help you develop charisma.

What is charisma? It's part of your personality. In my case, I'm a really high "I" in the DISC assessment. In stressful situations, I become a "D," a really straight "D," but for the most part, I am an "I," which means I like to connect to people. I like to talk. I can talk to you for an hour. Usually, when I open my speaking engagements I say, "Hey, I talk for a living, but I can talk till the death." So that's a little bit of charisma, right? Because I can connect with people, I can find a sweet spot and then make you laugh from time to time. And I can tell you a joke and these types of things, but also charisma is a skill. You can develop that and that's why it is external. You can learn to be charismatic.

It starts with your handshake, looking at people eye to eye. You could work on being a catalytic person, to be a catalyst. You could become a gatherer, right? If you want to have influence you must be able to gather people, to have that magnetism that attracts others. All of these are little components of the charismatic individual that you want to build, or that you want to develop yourself to be. It's learning communication, how to connect with people, how to express yourself. You develop a certain vocabulary. There is a language of leadership and in fact, there are 250 specific words that every leader must know.

Drew: I didn't know that. Where do we find this information?

Misael: It is coming out in a book called Leadership Language.

Drew: Okay we'll let our readers know, with a link to the book on Amazon when it comes out.

Misael: So there are 250 specific words that every charismatic or influential leader must know and part of that language makes you a charismatic person. But here's the thing: Character and Charisma. Character is who I am. Let me put it to you this way. Do you have character or are you just one?

Drew: I have character, I don't want to be a character.

Misael: There you go. Some people have character. Other people are a character. Okay, so in one place I am Spiderman. To Drew I am Peter Parker. In one place I am Superman, to Drew I am Clark Kent. So Superman = Charisma. Who I am in private is my character.

Well, here is the thing: When Superman dies, (which is the charisma), what remains is the character. Have you ever heard about Alexander the Great? He was a very charismatic person, he did a lot of great things according to history. He was highly influential, conquered a lot of places. But guess what? Very few people talk about Alexander the Great today though he was very charismatic. Alexander the Great was a big force, they say that at one point he moved legions of people, but then they abandoned him because he started losing his charisma. People got tired and people disappeared. He was left alone and that's how he died.

Now sometime later after that, there was another guy who came on a donkey. He had character and 2000 years later we still talk about him, right? We don't need to get into religion, but you know what I'm talking about. So character is what remains when charisma is gone.

Drew: That's good, that's powerful.

Misael: You need charisma because charisma attracts people to you, right? Well, you need character because character is what allows people to stay connected with you. So charisma attracts, and character holds and keeps. That's what it means. So, do you need charisma? Absolutely you need charisma, but do not focus on your charisma. Focus on developing your character because character will always produce charisma.

Drew: That's great, thank you so much Misael.

What a fantastic interview with another highly influential person. I have all of my guests' contact information in the description below and I encourage you to connect with them on social media, follow them, and access all the wonderful content that they have available to you. If you enjoyed this content, give us a like. I have an influence assessment where you can rank your influence and then you can put together a plan for increasing your influence over time. I've made that available to you. If you go to the description, it's the first link available to you there. Remember, increase your influence, realize your dream.


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