Competence In The Workplace – Why You Want It And How To Get It

Sep 23, 2019

Can you increase your competence in the workplace?  In this blog I share the reasons for increasing your competence and I’ll give you a 3-step process that will ensure you do it!

What do the influencers of the influencers do? 

In a Harvard Business Review article Ron Carucci states that extensive study and analysis showed, “Exceptional executives have deep knowledge of how the pieces of the organization fit together to create value and deliver results. Exceptional executives maintain a solid grasp on the ever-changing context within which their business competes.”  Long story short, they are very competent individuals. If you want to increase your influence, one of the 7 essential qualities you must have is competence. 

So how do you become more competent in your role? I don’t know, I just talk for a living! Kidding aside, here are some definite ways that you can increase in your competence no matter what you do. I have used this three-step process in multiple industries and I have taught it for years, because it works. 

  1. Find a mentor:Who is living your dream? Identify them, reach out to them, offer to buy them a meal and ask a list of questions.You will not only become more competent by gaining this knowledge, but according to research, you will be perceived as more competent too! “We demonstrate that individuals perceive those who seek advice as more competent than those who do not.” – Harvard Business School
  2. Read a book:Find the book that seeks to answer the questions you are asking. Or, if you are more auditory and visual in your learning style, what YouTube channel can you subscribe to? In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I have a great channel you can subscribe to.

Influence Trainer YouTube Channel Here

  1. Be accountable: When it comes to accountability, you are the only person who can truly hold yourself accountable. However, we all want to be people of our word, and when we make a commitment and ask a friend to hold us accountable, that peer pressure helps us make greater strides. It may even be a Mastermind groupthat you participate in, or a personal coach if you have the resources to do that. 

Use these three steps and increase your competence starting today!

For your free download, click on the link below that says “Influence Assessment." 

If you have questions about increasing your influence, please comment below and I will be happy to answer.

Influence Assessment

Increase your influence, realize your dream. 

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