How to be influential - 7 top qualities of an influencer

Aug 26, 2019

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Are there certain qualities or skills that influential people have?  Absolutely!  I am going to share with you the 7 essential qualities you need to increase your influence. I will also share an assessment you can use to measure your current influence.

 Qualities of an Influencer:

1. Communication – The ability to say what you want to say and be understood.

2. Decisiveness – The ability to make decisions effectively and efficiently.

3. Confidence -  Feeling or being confident in oneself; self-assured.

4. Success – A track record of getting what you want in life. If you are successful people will listen to you; if people listen to you, you are influential.

5. Competence – Being good at what you do and knowing the details of your industry.

6. Persistence – Continuing for a long or longer than usual time.

7. Networking – The ability to build a network of relationships and connect people that may have synergy. 

For your free download, click on the link below that says, “Influence Assessment.”

Increase your influence, realize your dream! 

Influence Assessment

How to be influential - 7 top qualities of an influencer

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