Could you define persistence? 

Oct 14, 2019

The following is from an interview I had with Brawn Lide.  You can watch the video of this interview HERE.

In this interview highly influential business leader Brawn Lide answers that question and I have to tell you, I have created a lot of content around persistence and Brawn’s definition is far superior to anything I have read or created myself.

Drew:  We are talking about persistence today. I have a wonderful guest with me, his name is Brawn Lide. He is a coach, speaker, and trainer. He has a wildly successful business in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and if you live in that town, I’m sure you know him. So let me get right to the question that you all are asking and it's this:  Could you define persistence for me and share who modeled persistence for you in your life?

Brawn: Defining persistence is very hard. When you asked me this question, just in reflection on persistence, I realized I had a lot of people that modeled things that most people believe are persistence, like consistency, and maybe tenacity, a lot of things that I thought were persistence but weren't really persistence, but I didn't know this.

Brawn: So I took those things and kept trying and, and maybe even added another word called stubborn.  But there's a difference between all of those words and persistence. So about four years ago I was introduced to a book called, “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s a wonderful book and there's a chapter on persistence and one of my mentors asked me to read that chapter once a day, every day for 14 days. And if I didn't get through it, he told me to start over again. He was trying to teach me persistence and a little bit of consistency in there. When I finally understood what persistence was, I didn't have anybody that modeled persistence. There were no people in my life who modeled persistence up until this time.  I had a lot of family members that were divorced and that had failed businesses, and a lot of people had been consistent, but not persistent.

Brawn: And so as I reflected more and more, I realized I had consistency in my mother.  She would say the Lord’s prayer with me everyday, but she wasn't persistent in taking us to church because she was afraid of being judged since she was divorced.  Out of that fear, we didn't go to church as a family.  I love the consistency that she showed me, praying the Lord's prayer with me over and over and over. I can think of other people that have done similar things that were consistent, but not necessarily persistent.  So as I started discovering more and more about persistence, to me it's saying, “I'm gonna find a way.”  Not, “I'm gonna do it.” That would be stubborn. Stubborn is, “I'm gonna do it, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it…” and you’re not learning in the process. 

Brawn: Persistence is, “I'm going to find a way. If it doesn't work, I'm going to find a new way. If it doesn't work, I’m going to find another way. I’m going to keep going until I find a way." And so to me, that's when I started discovering persistence.  There is a huge difference between that and being stubborn as a mule, isn’t there?  That is when it really clicked for me what persistence was. 

Drew: That's fantastic Brawn.  I knew I needed to ask you about persistence. I was waiting when you were building up to that point and your answer. “I'm going to find a way.” That's amazing. That is so powerful. Thank you so much.  

We have a link to Brawn’s website so you can check him out. Connect with him on social media and follow this guy because he has some great things to say.







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