How Does Trump Influence Us? - Trump's Influence Assessment Results

Nov 18, 2019

In this blog, I'm going to rank President Donald Trump and share with you the results of putting him through my influence assessment. All throughout my career I've studied the activities, actions, and qualities of highly influential people. And I believe that if you have something to say, something to sell, or something significant to do, you've got to increase your influence. And that's the purpose of this blog. At the end of this post, I will make my influence assessment available for you. It's the same exact assessment that I ran Donald Trump through. How does Donald Trump (President Donald Trump at the time of this post) rank in his influence?

That's the question I had, so I decided to run him through my influence assessment. My assessment has 53 qualities of an influential person. You don't have to have all 53 of those qualities; in fact, there's no way to embody all 53 qualities, but there are some essentials. First, I want to share Trump's overall ranking as I rate him on a scale of 1 to 10 in each one of these 53 areas (qualities of an influential person). His overall score is 7.17. That score is a little above average for the overall qualities. Next, I will share with you how he scored in the essential qualities. The seven essential qualities are the ones that you really want to focus on, so I have them in bold in my assessment. If you're going to improve, plan to improve in those areas first.

But let me share with you where Trump got his lowest scores based on my assessment. You may be wondering what gives me the right or the ability to assess him? I don't know him personally. I've never even been in the same room with him. I wasn't a big "Apprentice" watcher, it just wasn't my thing. I watched a couple of episodes. My perception of Trump comes primarily from his book, "The Art of the Deal." If you are watching his presidency and you're confused about how he makes decisions and why he does what he does, just read or listen to the audio version of that book. I'll put the link in the description below for you. He is very clear in his book about how he operates, how he thinks, how he's very results-oriented. He is really a results-over-anything-else oriented person, and that's how he's running his administration. So if you are confused I encourage you to listen to it as a way to understand the psychology of our current president.

Back to his assessment -- where did he fall short? Where did I rank President Trump the lowest? This might not be surprising for you, but the first one is integrity. I define integrity as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness. I feel sure that if Trump were to read this, he would tell you he's a 10 in every area because he's so confident. I give him a 10 in confidence.

And he could point to reasons why he has the highest integrity, but I'm just going to go by moral uprightness or moral principles. He is known to have engaged in multiple affairs during his marriages throughout the years. That would be an integrity issue. I don't know how else to rank that except as an integrity issue. Also, he sometimes plays loosely with the facts and makes a statement that may not be overtly lying, but it is deceptive. I would call that an integrity issue. Those are a few of the reasons why he got a low score in the area of integrity.

The next low score he got was in being relational. Being relational is simply defined as prioritizing relationships over transactions. Whether you like him, love him, or hate him, he is a transactional guy. He is all about the transaction. He is all about the art of the deal-making the deal. It's about the transaction. Nothing personal, it's business, right? That could be his mantra, his motto. Relational folks do business a little bit differently and they prioritize the relationship over the transaction. That's why he got a low score on being relational.

The third area where he got a low score was in trustworthiness. Trustworthiness is defined as being worthy of confidence. If you've watched his administration for any amount of time you've seen the turnover in his administration and how sometimes he'll have one message and his people will have a different message. That's because Trump operates very independently, which makes him agile, able to modify and change his approach and be creative. This is a quality of an influential person, but in the area of trustworthiness, it's hard to have confidence in a person that is unpredictable. Now I think he would tell you that his unpredictable nature makes him a better negotiator, which I'm sure it probably does, but that is why he got a low ranking in the area of trustworthiness.

Next is servanthood, which is a quality of an influential person. This may not be surprising, but Trump got a very low score in the area of servanthood, which is simply defined as the ability to humble yourself and serve others. I've observed Trump's communication in the news, and I'm speaking of things I've heard from his own mouth. I'm not talking about other people commentating on him. I wanted to hear him in his own words, so I watched both types of news channels - the type that loves him and the type that don't.

I understand that there are commentators who put words in his mouth, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about what comes directly from him. He has thrown his inner circle people under the bus at times. He has thrown others on his team under the bus. I don't see that as an example of what I would call a servant leader. For that reason, he scored low in the area of servanthood and I just don't think that you would put Trump and humility in the same sentence. So he scored lower in that area.

Another area of an influential person is that they're non-threatening or they have an ability to set others at ease. Once again, I have not been in the room with Trump, so I can only go by what I've read in the book and what I've seen in his press conferences and the various interactions that he has on television. What I gather is that he appears more like a pit bull in a room and his presence is felt, which can be a great thing. He has a definite presence when he's in a room, but I sense that he puts people a little on edge. They don't know what he's going to say, or how he's going to interact with them. He doesn't set people at ease, instead, he appears somewhat threatening. So he scored low on that quality of an influential person as well.

The final area where he scored extremely low was kindness. I don't see him as having a kind and sympathetic nature. He's no mother Teresa, right? But the people that love him do so for the results that he delivers, not because they want to hang out with him. Some people do want to hang out with him, but I don't peg Trump as the kindest person in the room. That doesn't mean he can't be kind from time to time. It doesn't mean that his children wouldn't defend him and say that he's super kind, but I don't see him as the kindest person. So I gave him lower scores in that area.

All right, so if you love Trump, you probably hate me right now, but keep reading because I'm going to share with you where Trump scored in the essential qualities. These are the seven essentials that you need to become good at if you want to be highly influential. These seven areas will get you 60+ million votes, which is what Trump did in the last election as a highly influential, highly successful person. So let me run through his score on those seven areas. But before I give you the final score of where Trump ranked in the seven essential areas of an influential person, I've got to tell you that just last week Trump had a rally in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and he drew close to 50,000 people -- something like 20,000 inside the American Airlines Arena where the Mavs play, and then another 30,000 or so throughout the day outside. That is just amazing. And I don't know of any other person as long as I've been following politics, (which hasn't been that long), but as long as I've been following politics, I can't think of someone who has pulled that many people together, including some influential leaders in our country that don't subscribe to the Trump model of leadership.

I'm speaking of those who subscribe to more of servant leadership, transformational leadership style. And that's the style that I subscribe to. But I've heard these people say that Trump isn't a leader, he's a negotiator, and I've just got to push back on that a little bit. In order to be a good researcher and be fair on all sides, I'm a John Maxwell trainer coach and so I've subscribed to John Maxwell's definition of leadership. He says leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less. Now if leadership is influence, Donald Trump influenced millions of people to vote for him and he influenced 50,000 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to leave work early to stand outside, and hang out for a couple of days outside of a building to be a part of one of his rallies. They clearly felt that this was a historic event and that they were going to be in the presence of greatness. The people who attended were highly influenced by Donald Trump.

So if leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less, you have to say that Trump is an outstanding, fantastic, awesome leader by definition. You don't have to like his style of leadership. I would not teach you this style of leadership if you brought me into your organization. I would not recommend it for your organization. But you cannot deny the fact that he is highly influential, which makes him a highly effective leader. Okay, so let's get to the final results of how Trump was rated in the seven essential qualities. If you download my assessment, you'll find out in more detail what those qualities are, but they include being successful, communication, confidence, and various others.

If you take those seven components, Donald Trump received a 9.14 out of 10 in his ranking of influence, which is off the charts phenomenal. His lowest area that I gave him was the area of communication. Now, once again, if Donald Trump was reading this, he would probably tell me and anybody else that he is a number 10 out of 10 communicator. And I'll give you that. I'll say that he is fantastic at doing exactly what he wants to do. If I try to understand his psychology, he's effective in the way that he wants to communicate, but his way of communication many times brings confusion. Not just among the broad public out here listening, the news media and anybody else, but within his own cabinet. His own team tends to be caught off guard by his communication.

And there's a wonderful saying that if you confuse people, you lose people. As I define communication, it's the ability to say what you want to say and be understood by your listeners. Trump scored a little lower in that area because people don't always understand what he is saying and why he's saying it. But once again, he may be doing it for the purpose of having some negotiation space later. If he's a little vague, if he's a little unclear, then he has some wiggle room to change his position moving forward - it gives him negotiation space. So I understand his method for it, but I couldn't give him a high score in the area of communication because he does tend to confuse people.

So that's how I would rank president Trump in the qualities of an influential person. I would love to hear from you. Did you like how I ranked him? Did you hate it? Do you think that my influence assessment is ridiculous and you don't want to have anything to do with it, or do you think it was balanced and measured? I was aiming to be balanced in my approach. I would love to hear your comments below and once you download that assessment, share with me how you would rank yourself and your measure of influence.



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